Sunday, July 17, 2016

Heart of Blue

Heart of Blue

My badge, my gun, my heart of blue,
so firm and tall I stand for you.
When trouble stretches out its reach,
there I will be to fill the breach.

I will stand for you.

I do not care just who you are,
I'll cover you from near or far.
I'll run to trouble, blind from fear,
my beating heart I will not hear.

I will stand for you.

If my last efforts fall and fail,
if I fall short upon my trail,
know that you will not be alone,
my brother blue will stand as stone.

He will stand for you

Brother who fell I weep for you,
brother my hero, heart so true.
Brother before God standing tall,
brother for me he gave his all.

I will pray for you.

Dan Strizak

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