Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Queen of Peace

Queen of Peace

She sits silent beneath the cross,
looking upon her dearest loss,
holding her Son, a last embrace,
a look of peace upon her face.

And each pain of her Son she knew,
as in her heart it passed right through.
Yet in the Lord she placed her trust,
as all one day will know they must.

They took from Him his life, you see,
from Him they took his dignity,
and then the very ground did shake,
his mother's love they could not take.

For one last time she looks at Him,
who bore the weight of all our sin.
This Holy One that she did love,
sits with His Father far above.

Yet if you look within her eyes,
a different peace behind them lies,
a peace not found here on this earth,
a peace from God, a second birth.

Many have seen this Queen of Peace,
God's holy gift to never cease.
If she appears on your heart's wall, 
know surely from her Son she calls.

(In remembrance of a very good friend,)

From "Poems on the Litany of Loreto"  by Dan Strizak

Copyright 2016 Daniel Strizak

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  1. This poem is about Mary Queen of Peace but if you look closely you will see a description of Michelangelo's Pieta.