Thursday, June 23, 2016

God, My Blind Brother, My Blind Dog and Me

This is a story about some recent events in my life and some lessons that God taught me. It is a story of how God used a series of events to touch several people in different ways.

The first part of the story involves one of my two younger brothers. In the last year and a half I have lost my sister, my dad and my mom. I am left with two brothers and a sister. The older of my two younger brothers lives with my sister in Arizona. I am not on good terms with my brothers and sister due to certain past events but that does not matter for this story. Despite our non communication my wife and I pray for both sides of our family each day. We have done this for a long time. 

My brother and I have argued with each other for years and have never been close. Assured by many self proclaimed prophets about the rapture, he spent 15 or 20 years waiting for Jesus to carry him off. Since this has not happened he has become bitter towards God. Years ago he built his own house, sold it and finally moved in with my sister. Recently he started to grow weak and lose weight. He eventually became blind. He was not a believer in doctors so I was sure he would die. I continued to pray for him daily.

My wife and I have no children, only a niece and nephew, and two small dogs. Dogs are a blessing from God. He sometimes sends his love for us through them. They are always happy to see you, forgetting when you have been mad at them, being full of life, each having their own personality. Holly, the older dog, just turned 15. Early this year she lost bladder control and we took her to the veterinarian and he found she had diabetes. We spent several months trying to control her diet, sugar level and weight. I used all my scientific skills to get her in control but I was not quick enough to save her eye sight. My wife mentioned what a coincidence it was that both my dog and my brother were blind and both had diabetes. I don't believe in coincidences. I prayed and God asked me if he could restore the sight of only one, which would I choice: my brother or my dog. I immediately told him my brother. Then there was silence.

The next week I got an Easter card from my cousin in Arizona. My wife said I should call her so I did. At the end of the call she asked me if I had heard that my brother was taking diabetes medicine and had an eye operation. His health and vision were restored. I told her that this would be a good Easter.

The next Sunday I went to church and while praying the Lord told me to that I should go receive communion, receiving with both the bread and wine. He would "Count it as good for my brother". (Catholics believe that the bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of our Lord.) I told my wife and she joined me. On my way to communion I told God that my brother did not believe in Jesus in the bread and wine, reminding him that you can only receive this for yourself. He laughed, saying as God he would find a way to touch my brother. He also told me to write my brother and tell him everything.

The next week we took the dog to the eye specialist. He said that he would try some medicines but he thought that her eyes would need to be removed to prevent pain and problems. I wrote the letter telling my brother about the dog and all that had happened. My brother had visited us once and Holly had really taken to him. I told him to pray for my Holly. I said God would listen to him since he knew what she had gone through. How clever of me! God would answer his prayer so that my brother would start talking to God again.

We visited the eye doctor again and he told us that we would need to remove Holly's eyes. I sent a text to my sister and told her to tell my brother to pray for Holly's eye operation to be a success. She answered back saying both of them would pray.

The next Sunday at church my wife and I both prayed that Holly would survive her operation. We both were upset that she had lost her sight but just wanted her to live. As I prayed, God told me that we should not fear for what may or may not happen but rejoice for what had been give to us. He told me to look at his son Jesus on the Cross. I had only lost my dog's eyesight, now I must surely know how hard it was when he lost his son on the cross. For the first time I saw with my heart what the crucifixion of Jesus really cost. God told me and my wife to receive communion.  He would "Count it for us as Good".

Holly's operation went well and I thanked my brother and sister for their prayers. I thanked God too. He looked at me and with a deep laugh told me that he knew how I tried to trick him into answering my brother's prayer. He said that the joke was on me because he not only got my brother to talk to him but he got my sister to talk to him too. He also said I got my prayer answered. Holly would have her eyes back. He then said that my wife and I would be her eyes.

Holly is a happy dog again. Despite her age, her diabetes and her weak trachea she survived with no pain, recovering amazingly quickly.

Every day I say prayers to God like this:
"I love you Almighty Father" (7 times)
"I love you Jesus" (7 times)
"I love you Holy Spirit" (7 times)

Last week after communion on my way back to my seat I heard God whisper to me:
"I love you Dan" (7 times)
I just laughed to myself with a big belly laugh.

Copyright 2016 Daniel Strizak

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