Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Life

A Life

A thought, a word, a bird in flight,
a vision in the dead of night,
a steady beating of a heart,
a single union from two parts,

a wave of life within a vein,
a warmth flows back and forth again,
a face brushed by a gentle wind,
as if touched by a long lost friend,

two eyes behold a morning sky,
an artist canvas hanging high,
too many colors to behold,
reaching to touch but not to hold,

stealing a single breath within,
only to give it back again,
taking from it the force of life,
the Spirit giving day from night,

to understand what's up and down,
to understand what's all around,
yet not to understand my fears,
or fathom one small tiny tear,

life is a flower in the breeze,
life is a warmth within a freeze,
life is a kick within a womb,
life means God's heart always has room.

(Pray for Life!)

From "Poems in the Shade of the Tree of Life"  by Dan Strizak

Copyright 2016 Daniel Strizak

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