Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mother of Flowers

Mother of Flowers
(Our Lady of Guadalupe)

Knots are all around of me,
knots as far as I can see,
all my plans and hopes and dreams,
a tangled web it would seem.

Loving mother, heaven's queen,
at the Father's hand unseen.
Womb that held God's very Son,
Spirit's spouse and holy one.

When I have no place to turn,
for your mother's arms I yearn,
as you spread God's grace on me,
from this tangled web I'm freed.

Mother you hold your Son's power,
beauty is your strength, O flower.
 With all men I've been deceived,
show me your Son, second Eve.

Evil it will kill and slay,
evil might now hold the day,
evil one day will not stay,
like the mist it burns away.

Now where flowers use to be,
there her picture I can see.
flowing freely on the floor,
victor of God's "Flower Wars"

(Pray for Life!)

From "Poems in the Shade of the Tree of Life"  by Dan Strizak

Copyright 2016 Daniel Strizak

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