Sunday, October 2, 2016



Looked into a sun I could not see,
it's brightness was just too much for me.
There I thought I'd found His loving grace,
only found a shadow of His face.

Took a breath and deeply breathed the air,
hoped that I would find His presence there.
I breathed deep and took the air I could,
only smelled the scent of piney wood.

Looking up I saw a darkened cloud,
I heard a voice thunder sharp and loud.
I could not make out a single word,
only felt the rumble that I heard.

One drop at a time, I felt the rain,
hoping He would wash away my pain.
Water running quickly off my cheek,
only left His trail for me to seek.

My wife holding tight our tiny child,
mirror of my self, inside that smile.
Finally now I see God's loving grace,
clearly a reflection of God's face.

(Pray for Life!)

From "Poems in the Shade of the Tree of Life"  by Dan Strizak

Copyright 2016 Daniel Strizak

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