Sunday, October 9, 2016

Battle Cry For The Unborn

Battle Cry For the Unborn

Our King is calling us to join the battle. He is moving forward with or without us. He stands with those who are the smallest castaways. He is surrounded by his unseen army. Unsheath your rosary and pray from your hearts!  If we stand with him, the strong wind will blow us backwards, but the whirlwind will push us forward. If we stand with him we will find our strength, his spirit. He will make his home in our heart. If we stand with him we will never be alone. If we cannot see these things of God around us then, listening very hard, we will hear the victory cheers of millions of unborn souls knowing God has won.  They cannot lose again. Their heavenly mother and her angels are always with these small ones. Her heal shall crush the serpents head. Unsheath your rosary and join his army in prayer! Our King is calling!

(Pray for Life!)

See  "Poems in the Shade of the Tree of Life"  by Dan Strizak

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